Friday, 28 December 2012

Countdown.. Why So Serious?!

29th Dec 2012
12.26 AM

approx 4 more days til i tender my resignation letter.
many people will ask "why?"
and thought that bank job is good enough.

my colleague told me this on the 1st day i entered the bank

"哎哟, 如果你没有什么大志, 要平平淡淡过生活, 银行的工作是不错的."

Wart the fark??

Even if i'm not that ambitious like how she mentioned, this life now is certainly not 平平淡淡 at all.

Again, WHY?

When i 1st entered the bank i was stationed at Security Department, not security uncle. It's a department which all security folders of customers were processed & kept, and funnily, motor insurance was under my portfolio.

150k++ COLLECTED PREMIUM per month.

You heard/ read it right, RM 150,000.00 per month is the target.
imagine if we are earning commission from this amount... damn...
but of course, i'm a SALARY BASED employee. NO commission for me.

And then, this EX-Manager of mine transferred me to the Processing Department.

Like what it was named, processing. I processed the loan applications.

Anyway, after approx one year, this new manager came in, and he started to ruin my life.

He threw me to Collection Department. Like the name again, i collect bad debts from customers.

Now you notice, that we shall never judge someone's wealth by looking at what car they're driving.


Now i present you


Erm.. not so soon.

I'll wait for 2nd of January.

Signin off.

A photo of her before i close the page. <3

Let's wait for 1/1/2013! SNSD's comeback stage!

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