Sunday, 30 December 2012

Good bye, 2012.

It's quite a cruel year to me

Anyway, bye, your turn is over, time to pass the throne to 2013

Why did i say that 2012 was a cruel year?

Well the worst nightmare had happened to me.

I suffered a huge loss & experienced the worst feeling, my whole family did. My mum passed away.

It's over, but i still try my best to continue the chanting everyday, but somehow i got lazy. I understand that i shouldn't behave like this. Trust me, i'm trying to correct things back.

Anyway, it's 31/12/2012 tomorrow.

Maybe it's fun for you guys. But for me it's deep shit. LOL. i have to suffer once more before leaving the bank.

Any new year resolution (NYR)?

Yeah.. Same old renewed version.

But hope that this would be the right time to do the things on my list.

I'm starting my journey in the insurance industry, more challenges to face, more obstacles to overcome, C'est  La Vie.

To do list:
- 进一步了解 ,,.
- Being able to balance my life with more exercises, or maybe try body building? (I got this nice suggestion)
- Learn to be a better son & brother.
- Eat healthy, Pray more, & learn how to Love. (Eat, Pray & Love)
- 7 calls a day, at least.
- Change my bike/ get a used/ recond car.
- Domestic travelling.

Say Hi to 2013!
1/1/2013 will be the comeback stage of Girls' Generation too!

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