Tuesday, 11 June 2013

K-Ballads or K-Pops?


Everybody knows that. 

However... Somehow i found the Korean ballad songs better.

The reason why K-pops went so viral globally is simple. (In my opinion of course)

-Their packaging and marketing strategies are superb.
-Everyone likes "uniform movements", as in a group of people dancing in a sync order.
-Faces & appearances. (how obvious)
-Catchy tempo and beats.
-Exposure of their daily lives through reality shows made the fans go even crazier.

For instance, Girls' Generation (SNSD) and Super Junior (SUJU), the biggest and most renowned girl and boy group in the K-pop industry.

SNSD has 9 members, their latest comeback in Korea, album named "I Got A Boy" (IGAB) has 10 covers. You're right. 10 covers. 9 individual album covers and one group cover.

SUJU's has more than 10 members, 12 or 13 i suppose. Inside the album there is an individual photo card, which means, if the fans were to collect all of them, they would have to buy more than 20 albums (just an average)

The "creator" behind these 2 money trees, is SM Entertainment. Which is the biggest winner. The celebrities aren't the biggest winners. They gained the fame and the glamour internationally. However, the CEO of them gains the most increment and bonus every years.But i still buy a bunch of albums, F'CK ME RIGHT?! LOL.


I would prefer to classify K-pops into the typical "Music" category, rather than "Songs". No offence, i'm not saying that they are not good singers. It's just that we're obsessed with the beat and tempo rather than the meaning of the lyrics itself.

Ballads are different, the lyrics are mostly feelings and thoughts of lives. Anyone could produce a Pop album, but not everyone could sing and perform a ballad genre song well and perfectly.

Song of the day that i would recommend:

It's performed by a group of singers called 4men.
They're a perfect team of ballad singers.

Well, enjoy.

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